The Ribera Sàbat duo is composed of catalan guitarists Maria Ribera Gibal and Jordi Sàbat Cots. In their career as a duo, which spans more than a decade, they have performed concerts at festivals and music cycles in Europe, Japan, China and Argentina. Throughout their career as a duo they have been applauded, always highlighting the originality of the repertoire they perform. They have been winners of the Chamber Music Contest of the Elche City Festival in the 2014 edition.

Currently they combine their interpretive activity with pedagogical practice and musical research. Maria is a Doctor in Art History, having completed a relevant thesis on the guitar and the maestro Emili Pujol, to whom she has also dedicated a CD and a recently published book. Jordi is an arranger and also a composer.


The Ribera-Sàbat guitar duo presents their new album Sardana, a recording that contains a small part of the fruits of a decade of work and emotions around music. The maestro Emili Pujol said: «music can express everything that surrounds us and all the states of the soul; its greatest mission is to diminish the prose of life, elevating our spirit to the highest regions of ideal and emotional beauty; always seek in music the poetry that engenders it». Sardana gathers the musical environment of Catalonia in the first half of the 20th century, going through modernism and noucentisme, in which the listener will be able to listen to a good handful of sardanas, but also pieces of other temperaments. The disc includes works by Enrique Granados, Gaspar Cassadó, Manuel Blancafort, and the Llibre Vermell de Montserrat; all of them arranged for two guitars by the same duo.